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For more than 77 years Madame Alexander dolls have actually attracted the hearts of women of all ages and collectors around the globe. Constantly splendid, alluring and charming, Madame Alexander dolls remains to be a favorite timeless toy and collectible product each holiday.Barbie Doll Camper Vans

The story of Madame Alexander is the story of the development of the dolls through the previous century, as Madame Alexander went into the Toy Market's Hall of Popularity in 2000.The original source

Madame Alexander was a remarkable female with a dream and the decision to make that dream a reality. Do take some time to fulfill Beatrice Alexander Behrman, the female who fulfilled her vision of producing wonderfully crafted dolls and made little ladies' dreams become a reality.

Madame's mission wased established on the belief that dolls should engage the creativity and bestow a child happiness and happiness and likewise enhance their understanding of the world. Works of literature, the arts and the various cultures of the world were motivations for a lot of her creations.

Under Madame Alexander's direction, The Alexander Doll Company introduced a series of "firsts" that have formed the doll industry! Eventually, her completely dressed dolls pertained to show the progressing lifestyles and imagine the 20th century.

They started by producing composition dolls with painted features and sleep eyes using unique face molds bringing function infant dolls to market developing dolls in honor of living people. Based on a licensed character, it caused the production of dolls based upon characters from popular motion images. Pioneering using tough plastic for the development of dolls, they presenting the first full-figure haute couture (Cissy (TM)) that is still extremely successful to this day.

The Alexander Doll Company still upholds the main mission and requirements while creating dolls that will appeal to brand-new generations of kids and doll fans all over the world. Through tradition, beauty and innovation, Madame Alexander provides a complete line of handmade collectible dolls, huggable and adorable play and baby dolls, runway fashion dolls, along with today's most popular certified dolls with Disney Princesses and Fairies, Hi Check out the post right here Kitty, to Barbie Collectibles the timeless brand names like Wizard of Oz, Chosen the Wind, American Ballet Theatre, Eloise, Charlotte's Web and Madeline. Making their launching in 2002, Madame Alexander dolls quickly turned into one of the most popular McDonald's Happy Meals toys of perpetuity.

Beatrice Alexander Behrman died in 1990 at the age of 95, however her legacy lives on in displays of museums, such as the Smithsonian and the Brooklyn Kid's Museum, and in the personal collections of doll enthusiasts all over the world, who won't want anything less than a Madame Alexander doll. If fact be informed, more Alexander dolls remain in the hands of adults than kids, who aren't old enough to value their quality and style, as Madame Alexander dolls possesses a timeless appeal that only grows more powerful as time passes.