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Growing up with three sis, the Barbie doll fascination just really left me. Check out the minimal production Barbie themed hot pink bug evaluated by Vehicle and Chauffeur just recently, is this what females desire? Do we think Barbie pink when it comes to our automobile buying choices?Buy Barbie High Heel

Maturing I desired a bike, roller skates, to go back loading and liked to camp. I enjoyed being outdoors, while my sisters remained inside and played records, painted their nails, used rollers in their hair and played house with Barbie, yuk! Okay, I confess I was a bit of a tom-boy ... I liked to hang out with my Dad in the garage while he played on our family car or played conceal and seek in the yard.Look at more info

As it turned out 2 of my sis are nurses and one remains in real estate, traditional careers for females. I took the natural course to competing in male-dominated markets beginning with the world of innovation and after that eventually got in through the back door to the automobile industry. I like all things automobile and vehicle related ... and have actually been extremely successful competing in these male controlled and high paying fields.http://edwinuals858.bravesites.com/entries/general/the-most-innovative-things-happening-with-handmade-dresses-for-barbie-doll

Now, lets take a look at Barbie and her good example to us girls in regards to exactly what sort of vehicle is supposed to turn our purchasing switch. The bright side is that Barbie did like to drive and for many years had a number of makes and models that little women liked to own. Did these Barbie makes and models teach us exactly what we should purchase or exactly what type of vehicle purchase fits us?

Barbie has owned numerous sports car editions,( quite a couple of convertible editions that punctuate the hot Barbie image), sedans, a limo, a jeep 4x4, an SUV, a VW van, classic cars, push-button control editions and the current electrical jeep for little girls to drive by themselves. There is a selection of Barbie mobile home, Recreational Vehicle's and camping trailers, so Barbie simulated to camp, (I have a child and three granddaughters who love to camp with me in my Recreational Vehicle), thank you Barbie!

There is a NASCAR themed Barbie doll however NO Barbie NASCAR race vehicle, Hmmmm. Barbie did hook up with a young female race cars and truck chauffeur in an open wheel race series in 2001 Ashley Taws, driving the "Be Anything With Barbie at Wal-Mart" car decked out in an eye-catching pink and purple color scheme.

Barbie's tastes in her automobile acquiring has actually progressed because the 60s, she even trips a Harley in today's upgraded version, therefore do I.

Although I am tall, blonde and wear a 36 XX and to some, may think I idealize the Barbie look (definitely in my younger days), nevertheless, I have never ever owned a pink or purple automobile, truck or RV. The 2006 Barbie brochure of dolls is fascinating to examine and these Barbie role models are what the women of today are taking a look at to form their view of what they desire to mature to be like and will influence their buying decisions.

I have 3 granddaughters, my 7 years of age loves Barbie Handmade Dresses for Barbie Doll and I make sure the younger ones will all get the Barbie impact and the Barbie world part of their upcoming birthday and vacation gift desire lists. I find the 2006 Barbie doll collection a bit troubling, a hot housemaid? a nurse? a sexy swimsuit? a fashion declaration? a bride? a sexy cowgirl? Exactly what is Barbie saying to my precious granddaughters?

What Barbie Doll Playsets Online are your thoughts on Barbie as a good example for girls, her influence eventually on females's car purchasing choices and career choices or are the Bratz dolls going to be the brand-new influencer's?